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The 3 Legged Dog

I know I missed a week, and I may miss a few more before the year is out. I’ve been doing Halos on a weekly basis for 3 years now, and it’s starting to wear on me a bit. I still enjoy doing the comic, but I might need a bit of a break — there’s a lot going on!


One of those somethings is the 3 legged dog, Aleiah.

Aleiah differs from my other pets (and possibly me) in that

she is only a little bit insane. She’s missing her right front leg

because some genius kicked it when she was a puppy, and it had to

be amptutated thereafter. Ale is a new addition to the home. She gets along awesome with the bunnies

and in fact most other animals, although she’s pretty wary of people. Anyway, she’s an awesome dog but she IS

taking up quite a bit of my time, so that’s where I am if posts aren’t quite as regular. Thanks for your patience and reading!

Home again home again

Had a great weekend at my friend’s cabin, so sorry the upload is a bit late. Comics galore! (And by “galore,” I mean one).

Late and in a rush!

Sorry, folks — no time to post today, but there is still a comic :)

The 3 Legged Dog

It’s official: we’re back at school, and well into the swing of things. School’s always a bit of an adventure the first month or so as everyone gets comfortable with each other, but it’s a fun time, too — no one’s too tired to do what needs doing!

As if this isn’t a busy enough time, I have a 3 legged black lab pup at my house. She’s incredibly sweet and gentle with the rabbits and everyone else, always nervous and frightened — until I leave the house. That’s when Satan puppy comes out and destroys the house. Damage toll so far:

-One pair of glasses (damaged but still usable)

-One Wiimote (shattered into pieces)

-One vacuum cleaner

-An Xbox controller (usable but with both joysticks chewed off)

-A brand new TV remote (usable but with chew marks)

-One pillow (feathers everywhere)

-Assorted craft items and dust pans, plastic bottles, etc.

I’ve tried various chew toys to no effect, so it seems like I’m going to have to look at crating her during the day (ugh).

back to school

The first back to school comic — a bit late but here, so that’s something!

Hmmm… this was meant to play a little earlier, but that’s all right — in a way it’s appropriate, since this is actually my last week of summer holidays (sort of — the teachers were back at school on Wednesday).

Bunnies are into EVERYTHING lately. Keep finding Fang on the kitchen table. Zims has taken to chewing on my pant leg if I don’t give her enough food. And by “enough,” I mean a constant and steady supply. THey like to convince visitors that I’m starving them and then wheedle treats out of their hands.

Anyway, feeling less than fantastic and school starting again Monday — awesome — so I’m going to go lie down a bit. Enjoy comics!

Another comic

Do what I say, not what I do. :)

With school coming up so quickly I don’t have time to blog, but I do have time to give you another comic!

I’m back :)

Where’s Halos?

So some of you might be wondering where Halos is. There’s a very simple answer: on my hard drive. Roughly 600 km away from my current location. That’s right: I rushed all week to make sure I had enough comic strips to cover my time away from my wacom tablet, then forgot to transfer said strips to my flash drive, making them inaccessible. In other words, updates will resume normally mid-August, when I get home.

To help you with your disappointment, I’d like to share the single most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten: S’mores Cookies. My sister and I are doing some rapid horizontal expansion because of these buggers (no low fat option here), but it’s SO WORTH IT. Go make them. Honest.

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